Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[News] TDU2 DLC2

Hi all,
Here some news about the DLC2 for TDU2

DLC2 Exploration Pack Still Coming!

Hey everyone! First things first, we want to confirm that the DLC2 Exploration Pack is really still coming! Many apologies for it taking so long but we want to ensure you guys will get a great product. The team up at Eden is working around the clock and still 100% committed to continuing to support the game and the community with ongoing bug fixes, more DLC and continued maintenance of the online services to give you guys the best possible experience online in Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Just to reiterate here is what is confirmed in the DLC2 Exploration pack:

FREE DLC: Exploration Pack
53 new missions including 5 all-new mission types: Freeride Convoy ,Time master,Drag speed Racing, Drift challenge and Police Chasing
2 new bikes that you can find in the bike shops that you access to 2 new exclusive bikes:
Kawasaki ninja 12
Harley davidson
2 new Multiplayer Races for the Bikes
DLC: Online autoshop
Motorcycle dealer, Auction hall, and new clothing shops are always ready.


Players are now able to sell reward bikes they have earned in bikeshops
Rewards increased for bike challenges
Bikes class restriction added to multiplayer ranked challenges
Player name display updated in free ride on bikes for improved clarity
PC Only: Players will get exclusive stickers : Recaro and Sparco
Bug fixes

Bikes challenge havent been routed will adjust based on players vehicle types (i.e. dirt roads vs asphalt)
Adjusted impact sound after certain jumps
Casino roulette exploits added already
Club Challenges updated to allow players to race with the club cars
IP Voice menu management on XBOX (ables the player to turn off IP Voice)

Thanks to my friend knyazev for this informations :D

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